There’s a lot more to the Lanark Choral than the inspiring performances enjoyed by audiences at our regular concerts.

As you might expect, we rehearse hard at our weekly Monday night rehearsals to learn our music so that it sounds the very best. These rehearsals last for around 2 hours.

So what else needs to be done?

The tea break tea and biscuits need prepared, served and tidied away (thank you to Sheila and her team for this weekly task)

Liz and Ciaran, make up our Librarian team. They have to source the music for every part of every piece that we sing. They needs to make sure we have enough copies, make sure everyone has a copy then safely gather them back in – accounting for every last item!!!

Then there’s our Movers and Shakers (!) whose combined job is to make sure we walk on and off stage without incident, have enough chairs in place and that we can all clearly see the front (but they can’t make us look up from from our scores!)

While we all come along because we want to sing, we all believe that if everyone mucks in we’ll get on so much better. So in supporting our Conductor and our committee we can be assured that we can all enjoy our singing as everything will run smoothly.

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